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There are ample opportunities for our residents to take advantage of during their time at McCrossan. Each  young man should be able to find something they can enjoy and participate in. We strive to make their experience at McCrossan as much of a home-away-from-home as possible.  

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McCrossan Boys Ranch offers a variety of athletic opportunities for our youth. The Wranglers are sanctioned to compete in high school sports within the state of South Dakota. We currently compete in cross-country, as well as track and field. The Ranch also offers youth the opportunity to be involved in a YMCA basketball team, weight lifting, local 3K/5K runs/walks and much more. Our campus has a full size gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts, a large playing field and two fitness and weight rooms to accommodate athletic and recreational activities. 

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McCrossan has a cultural advisor who works with our youth to maintain their cultural heritage. In this program, youth explore other nationalities and learn to become more culturally sensitive. The group also explores language, cultural events (powwows, diversity fairs, etc.), cultural foods, holidays and more. Our school also offers elective courses centered around culture and heritage. 

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The Ranch's equine program teaches youth all learning aspects of life with horses - from grooming, feeding and tack to animal psychology, biology and riding. There are numerous opportunities for our guys who participate up at the barn. Once comfortable around the horses, they can be a part of the hitch crew, show in 4-H and participate in regional parades and festivals. 

The purpose of the program is to help children recognize negative behaviors and to learn positive skills that are transferable to real life situations. Animals often act as a mirror, reflecting emotions of the individuals they interact with. We also are home to several other critters: cattle, sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, chickens, pigs, a rabbit and a llama!

Everyday our horses make a difference at McCrossan Boys Ranch. They change lives. They calm fears. They help teach responsibility and nurturance. They give our boys "New Hope For A Better Life."​ 

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The Ranch offers a host of other activities for youth trips off campus to attend local sporting events,  parks, outdoor activities, movie theaters, holiday activities and a large variety of volunteer opportunities (The Banquet, Horse Power, Moving Assistance Program, Adopt-A-Highway, Lion's Club, Food Pantry and many more). We also have an on-campus gymnasium, library and a game  room. 

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