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Below is a listing of the different programs we offer at McCrossan.  We are more than happy to discuss these options and find the right fit for your needs.  Please note that all of these programs are residential.  

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Group Care

Within the living units (cottages), our youth learn responsibility, social skills, life skills and a sense of community. Residents (ages 9 - 17) have a structured daily routine, inclusive of recreational and leisure time. Our boys also have both on and off-ranch opportunities to display generosity and practice community service. Our living units, staffed with youth counselors, provide a balance between structure and nurturance, so our boys can develop into responsible young men.  

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Transitional Program (Pre-ILPP)

McCrossan has seen a need for programming geared toward residents (ages 16 - 18) who may not quite be ready for the Independent Living Preparation Program (ILPP) but do not necessarily require the structure of the Group Care, or alternative services programs. The Transitional program is a step in between and focuses on preparing young men for success in the ILPP. The residents have direct  supervision and will begin focusing on social and life skills development, job seeking skills and more.  

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Independent Living Preparation Program

This program is designed to prepare youth (ages 17 - 20) for independent living. Our program and on-campus apartments provide an opportunity for the boys to gain employment, learn how to cook, clean and manage finances, along with many other skills needed to live on their own. The program helps residents earn a high school diploma or GED and gain skills for employment, or go on to higher education. 

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Short-Term Assessment Services

This program is designed to provide the referring agency, or parent placement, with a comprehensive assessment through evaluations, observations and monitoring of youth (ages 9 - 18)  in a structured setting. This 30 - 60 day program results in a report with recommendations for services that will address identified family and individual needs, as well as recommendations regarding the appropriate level of care, whether here at the Ranch, or at another care facility. 

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Respite Care

This program is for parents, kinship providers, guardians or foster parents. It is a planned short-term stay (usually 1 - 4 days) for youth in a safe and structured environment while their caretakers attend to other matters not specifically related to the youth.  

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Community Reintegration

This program is typically 60 - 90 days and is designed to help assist residents (ages 9 - 18) that are discharged from a psychiatric residential treatment facility or other residential setting, and are in need of transitional services into their home or community. We provide structure, supervision, family and individual therapy, educational services and assistance securing community resources to better ensure a successful transition to a home setting. 

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Crisis Stabilization

This is a short-term program (usually 7 - 10 days) for boys (ages 9 - 18) who are experiencing difficulties, with the goal of preventing placement outside the home or placement in a more  restrictive setting. The youth may be exhibiting behaviors not appropriate for the community or home setting and a short-term placement is used to stabilize him. 

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