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Planned Giving

Give our boys the gift that keeps on giving... McCrossan Boys Ranch Planned Giving 

Planned Giving

Since 1955, McCrossan Boys Ranch in Sioux Falls has been building New Hope for a Better Life for our adolescents in need of life skills and confidence building experiences. We reach out to boys between the ages of ten and eighteen who have experienced conflict in their lives. At McCrossan Boys Ranch we are fortunate to have our boys surrounded with dedicated and caring individuals that are living examples to the life the boys are striving for. By working on values, goals, education and skills we prepare our boys to live a balanced life outside the Ranch. We also provide the boys with one-on-one counseling as well as specialized educational services so they can heal and grow intellectually. By arranging for a planned gift to McCrossan Boys Ranch you can ensure that we will carry out our mission even after you are gone.

McCrossan Planned Giving Options

Below is a list of just a few of the many ways to help McCrossan Boys Ranch


Many of our supporters make charitable gifts by leaving McCrossan Boys Ranch in their wills. Bequests are an easy way of giving a gift to McCrossan Boys Ranch – all you need to do is contact your attorney about putting us in your will and use this language “I bequeath to McCrossan Boys Ranch, a not-for-profit organization, the sum of $______ to be used exclusively for the care of ranch boys.

The bequest will not be used for administrative or fundraising expenses.” A bequest is an excellent way to make a final statement about the values you kept in your lifetime.


Another option is an endowment. Endowments can be created during life, or at death through a bequest. It can be restricted to specific needs or unrestricted for general use. You can start an endowment with just one gift or establish one over time with repeated gifts.

This is a great way to ensure that your wishes and dreams of helping our boys will be met year after year.

Gifts of Retirement Plans Assets  

Many people today have large retirement plans that have been growing tax-free for years. Once you receive payments from these plans, the distributions are usually taxed – but you may be able to avoid some of the taxation by creating a charitable remainder trust for McCrossan Boys Ranch. Another option is to donate your balance after your lifetime by listing us as the beneficiary.

A retirement plan may be an excellent opportunity for you to help our boys be the best they can be for many years to come.

Gifts of Life Insurance 

If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, you might consider contributing it to McCrossan Boys Ranch. You can do this by purchasing a new policy and naming McCrossan Boys Ranch as the beneficiary or by naming us as the beneficiary of a current policy.

This often makes a significant future gift feasible and affordable, especially for younger donors.

Gifts of Real Estate 

Gifts of real estate may be another great way to help McCrossan Boys Ranch. If you own a property that is fully paid off, the estate may be deeded outright to McCrossan’s or it may be given to McCrossan’s with a retained life interest. You may receive several tax benefits by doing this – you will get a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the property up to 30% of your adjusted gross income (with a five year carryover provision), you can avoid capital gains taxes, and remove the asset from your estate for estate tax purposes.

Gifts of Securities 

Gifts of securities are welcomed in our mission of providing New Hope for a  Better Life. Donations of appreciated securities may result in many tax advantages, such as – capital gains tax savings, creating an income tax deduction, and removing an asset from your estate for estate tax purposes. However, if you hold securities that have declined in value, you may want to sell them to establish a tax loss and then donate the proceeds to McCrossan Boys Ranch.

Donating securities requires special attention so please contact the McCrossan Development Office if you are interested.

Gifts of Cash 

One of the easiest ways to help McCrossan’s in Sioux Falls is with a cash donation now. This is a great way to see your money be put to work during your lifetime. A cash gift by check is the most common method of making an outright charitable contribution. Your cash gifts are deductible up to 50 percent on your adjusted gross income for the taxable year.

If you would like recent 990 tax information, please click here.

McCrossan Boys Ranch is a Sioux Falls nonprofit 501 (c) 3 charity organization specializing in the mentoring, counseling and teaching of boys and young men. Your gifts may be tax deductible.


Become a Member of the Melinda McCrossan Society

Donors in the Melinda McCrossan Society have made a planned gift to McCrossan Boys Ranch through a bequest, estate plan or other giving option. The society also includes those who have made gifts of more than $100,000 during their lifetime.

New members of this prestigious society will now receive an attractive pewter sculpture entitled “Helping Hands” by McCrossan alumni and artist Matt Lanz. The sculpture depicts a memory Lanz had during his stay here of an older boy helping a younger boy onto one of the horses.

If you’re interested in helping us help others by a planned gift to McCrossan Boys Ranch, please call the McCrossan Development Office at (605) 339-1203.