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Parent Resource Guide

Does my child need help? Where do I find help? What are some common behavioral issues to pay attention to?

Parent Resource Guide

When Does My Child Need Help?

Placing your child in a residential treatment program is a big decision. So how do you know it is time?

At  McCrossan Boys Ranch in Sioux Falls, we are here to help. You may recognize that your child needs some attention. You should seek professional help if your child:

  • Frequently defies authority and breaks rules
  • Has difficulty communicating with others properly
  • Is struggling in school or you notice he is having an increasingly more difficult time with school and performance and attendance are affected
  • Lacks relationship skills
  • Frequently takes risks that endanger his well-being or the well-being of others
  • Has a low level of self esteem
  • Has suicidal thoughts 


Where Do I Turn To For Help?

Does your child need to be removed from the home for his treatment to be successful? What are my options? Would McCrossan Boys Ranch be the right place for my child? We are here to help you answer these questions.

At McCrossan Boys Ranch, we will provide an honest answer based on the information you have given us to see if we would be the right place for your child. If not, we can give you other options to  consider or steer you in the right direction on your search for help. We take into account your child’s past behavior, attitude and reactions. Our experienced admission staff meet with all boys before being placed at the Ranch to make sure it is a good fit. We can either travel to you or visit with you via our video conferencing system. Your child’s success is our success so it is important that we screen each child before coming to the Ranch. You can call us to set up an initial consultation by calling (605) 339-1203 or by emailing


Parent Questionnaire

Is McCrossan Boys Ranch right for my child? We would like to learn more about your child and family, because every case is unique. All information provided in the following form is kept completely confidential. At McCrossan Boys Ranch, we understand that having a troubled teen is difficult. Please provide only the information you are comfortable in sharing.

McCrossan Boys Ranch

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“My name is Shane Lloyd and I am special. That’s right, I am special because I was a resident at the McCrossan Boys Ranch. My brother, John, and I were 2 of the first five boys placed at the ranch and today, over 50 years later, all I can say is Thank  You, Thank You!”
— Shane Lloyd, Alumni 

Common Behavioral Issues We See

McCrossan Boys Ranch Specializes in providing “New Hope for a Better Life.” The Ranch has helped at-risk boys for 56 years. Below is a list of common issues we have helped treat 

At Risk Youth

When a teen engages in dangerous behavior (for example, substance abuse, truancy, petty theft, etc.), it is usually a warning sign of larger underlying problems.   

Juvenile Delinquency

If your child has had run-ins with authority or the law, this is a sign that your son may be in need of residential treatment. Removing them from the home can help treat the problem and reduce the likelihood they have to further get into trouble. 

Self-Injurious Behavior/Self-Mutilization

If your child is harming himself (for example, by cutting or burning the skin), it's important to act quickly. Self-injurious behavior is a growing trend among teens and can be a warning sign of larger problems

Substance Abuse

We recognize the seriousness of teenage drug and/or alcohol use. We also know that it is important to look past the usage and focus on the cause. McCrossan Boys Ranch has a working relationship with Keystone Community Solutions, which specializes in outpatient and inpatient substance abuse. The Ranch also works locally with several AA/NA groups. 

Adolescent Depression

Many teenage behavior problems mask depression. Even mild depression can lead to self-abusive behavior. We work closely with each child to address his personal issues and find the optimal treatment.


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have a profound impact on a child's behavior. The extent to which these conditions affect a child with an ADD or ADHD diagnosis will vary; therefore, we customize the therapeutic program for each child to meet his needs. Our accredited on-campus school specializes in working with youth with these diagnoses. 

Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems can be outward symptoms of greater struggles your child is dealing with. Each child at McCrossan Boys Ranch has a specialized treatment program tailored to their specific behavioral  problems.  

Sexual Promiscuity

Children who sexually act out are often using this behavior to mask other serious issues. The key to understanding sexual promiscuity is to look beneath the behavior and try to understand the root cause. 

Other Issues

Gang involvement, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder and students on IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in school.