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Private Placements

Is your child “falling through the cracks”?

Is your child having significant problems at home, in the community or in school but has not yet become entrenched in “the system”, i.e.; he does not have an official open case file with social services or the court system?

Sioux Falls Non-Profit

About Our Sioux Falls Nonprofit Private Placements

If you feel like your child needs help but you are frustrated by getting “the system” to help, there is another way! McCrossan Boys Ranch wants to help you place your child in our caring residential program without needing to seek state, county or local assistance. We can accept private  placements and we accept children from out of state or in state. McCrossan Boys Ranch provides a unique “Ranch” experience for troubled  youth.

Please call 605.339.1203 and talk to our helpful admissions personnel about how you can get your child the help he needs without all the hassles.  

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If you are trying to refer a boy to McCrossan Boys Ranch or have placement questions please use our Parent Resource Guide form. Thank you!